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Resilient Lives Foundation (RLF) is an Non-Governmental / Non – Profit Organisation (NGO) whose mission is to nurture the development of children, youth and families that can resiliently meet the challenges of modern everyday life, transforming them into opportunities for personal growth.

RLF aims to promote Resilience and support children, adolescents and families in need (i.e. high socioeconomic risk families) through early diagnosis, prevention and intervention (including group interventions) provided by the foundation’s network of professionals.

RLF’s network of professionals includes mental health professionals (psychiatrists, child psychiatrists, clinical / school / counseling psychologists) as well as other specialists (e.g. occupational therapists, special education needs teachers, physiotherapists, speech therapists and doctors of other specialties). RLF’s team also includes volunteers from other professions as well as undergraduate/postgraduate university students or even school – aged students.

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