Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a space where different disciplines come together to enhance the well-being of children, adolescents and families. Our mission is to nurture the development of children, adolescents and families so that they can resiliently meet the challenges of modern, everyday life, transforming those challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

We strive to work beyond intervention to prevention, as early prevention leads to a more resilient society as a whole.

< Resilience does not come from rare and special qualities, but from the everyday magic of ordinary, normative human resources in the minds, brain and bodies of children, in their families and relationships, and in their communities. >

By Ann S.Masten -Ordinary Magic – Resilience Processes on Development

What is Resilience all about?

The word resilience comes from the Latin verb ‘resilire’ meaning “to leap back”. It refers to the process of adapting well to changes and to flourishing in life, despite our shortcomings and circumstances. Simply put, resilience is about coping with what life throws at us. A resilient person is not someone who never suffers, but one who can suffer and spring back again. Resilience is a dynamic and adaptive process that can be gained through the development of appropriate life skills; it is a quality that, once gained, can help us successfully endure stressful times.

Children who are resilient are better able to cope with problems, have better physical and mental health, and are more likely to feel fulfilled.

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