Miss Eleana Hadjimina (BSc, MSc, MA) is a Licensed School/Educational Psychologist (#478), and one of the co-founders of ‘Resilient Lives’, a centre for the social and emotional health of children, adolescents and their families based in Nicosia, Cyprus as well as the non-profit organization “Resilient Lives Foundation”. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University College London (UCL), in London, United Kingdom and a Master’s Degree in Child Development from the UCL Institute of Education, University of London. Miss Hadjimina’s undergraduate dissertation focused on the mental health literacy of anxiety disorders, and was published in the Journal of Psychiatry Research. She also undertook a three-year applied postgraduate program in School Psychology at the University of Cyprus, accredited by the International School Psychology Association (ISPA).

In the past she worked as a psychologist assistant at The Tavistock and Portmant, NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, where she was involved in a project within the Gender Identity Development Service. She completed her training in School Psychology at the Educational Psychology Services, Ministry of Education and Culture, in Limassol, Cyprus (approximately 1500 hours).  During that time she gained invaluable experience in psychometric evaluations (using a broad range of psychometric tools), assessments, evaluations and preventions/interventions in emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties. Miss Hadjimina has a lot of experience in designing and implementing hands-on prevention and intervention programs. In August 2017 she co-designed the psychoeducational program “PICNIC of Emotions” along with her coworker Stephany Naziry. Since then they have been working together in designing and implementing a number of different hands-on projects mainly focusing in the psychoeducation of children/adolescents, parents/caregivers and teachers both at schools and at the Centre’s premises.

She also holds interest in scientific research and has recently worked with a team of professionals from the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development – SeeD and Unicef Ukraine on an evidence-based analysis of the psychosocial adaptability of conflict-exposed adolescents and the role of the education system as a protective environment in Ukraine.

Recent Publications:

  • Lordos, A., Morin, H., Fanti, K., Lemishka, O., Guest, A., Symeou, M., Kontoulis, M. and Hadjimina, E. (2019). An evidence-based analysis of the psychosocial adaptability of conflict-exposed adolescents and the role of the education system as a protective environment.Ukraine: UNICEF
  • Hadjimina, E., & Furnham, A. (2017). Influence of age and gender on mental health literacy of anxiety disorders.Psychiatry Research251, 8-13.