Miss Eleana Hadjimina (BSc, MSc, MA) is a Licensed School/Educational Psychologist (#478), a co-founder and the vice director of Resilient Lives Centre. Moreover, she is the senior representative and management and promotion consultant at the Resilient Lives Centre and the non-profit organization “Resilient Lives Foundation”. 

Miss Hadjimina is also the coordinator of psychometric evaluations at the Resilient Lives Centre. She also works as a School Counselor at the GC school of Careers primary school. Miss Hadjimina is a member of CYPSA and the coordinating group of the School Psychology Department.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University College London (UCL), in London, United Kingdom and a Master’s Degree in Child Development from the UCL Institute of Education, University of London. As part of her undergraduate thesis, she dealt with research related to anxiety disorders, which was published (Hadjimina, E., & Furnham, A. (2017). Influence of age and gender on mental health literacy of anxiety disorders. Psychiatry Research, 251 , 8-13).

Miss Hadjimina worked as an assistant psychologist in the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, in London, a program that specializes in child and adolescent gender dysphoria. The completion of her specialization in School Psychology took place in the three-year Applied School Psychology program of the University of Cyprus and in the Educational Psychology Service at the Ministry of Education and Culture. During her education she dealt with school bullying, and specifically in the context of her postgraduate research she dealt with school bullying of children with disabilities.

Currently, Miss Hadjimina undertakes private individual cases (parent counseling, child and adolescent assessments – WPSSI, WISC, WAIS, ADOS (autism), ADI-R etc.) and is also involved in the development and implementation of group programs based on emotional resilience (“Emotions PICNIC” etc.).

Finally, Miss Hadjimina collaborates with various magazines, newspapers and websites on the internet where she writes articles to raise public awareness regarding children’s emotional resilience, as well as many other topics related to the psychology of children and teenagers.