Miss Elina Agastinioti graduated from the University of Reading in England in 2013. Then she studied at the Eastern Michigan University, where she claimed 1 of the 3 places for the master’s in Clinical Dietetics. At the same time, she practiced in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. She worked as an athlete dietitian at Eastern Michigan University and then as a clinical dietitian at one of the largest hospitals in the state. In addition, she participated in a team with other health professionals to assess children.

Miss Agastinioti completed her internship on diabetes, at the University of Michigan Hospital, which is ranked in the top 10 in the world for diabetes and metabolic diseases. She presented her research at the American Academy of Dietitians in October 2016 in Boston, and in October 2017 in Chicago. Finally, one of her researches has been published in the World Nutrition Journal. She also has a specialty in irritable bowel, from Australia’s MONASH University, which invented the FODMAP diet. In 2021, she received her training in the treatment of eating disorders and obesity from the National Center for Eating Disorders. Since 2019, she works privately in Nicosia and is a partner of the Resilient Lives Center.

As a clinical dietitian, she deals with nutrition difficulties on an individual and group level. She is responsible for nutritional evaluations and the development of specialized diet plans according to the needs of each individual. Miss Agastinioti provides nutrition education to children, teenagers and adults in order for them to develop healthy eating habits and improve their overall well-being. She specializes in diabetes and eating disorders, and she monitors, supports and expertly guides individuals with eating disorders, diabetes, autism, ADHD, and food refusal. She also monitors children and adults for weight management. Moreover, she organizes lectures and workshops in schools and workplaces to promote healthy eating through the execution of healthy recipes.