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Mission of the Resilient Lives Center

Our aim is to provide a space where different specialties come together to enhance the well-being of children, young people and families. Our Mission is to nurture the development of children, adolescents and families so that they can respond resiliently to the challenges of modern, everyday life, turning challenges into personal growth. We strive to work beyond intervention to prevention, as early prevention leads to a more resilient society as a whole.

Aim of Boom Boom Art

A child has the need through his play, to get dirty (messy), to explore, discover and learn. We as therapists respond to this need, not only of children but also of adults. That’s why the goal of Boom Boom Art is, through sensory play, to bring children and parents together in a safe environment where they can get dirty without fear.

Sensory play offers the opportunity for all children of all abilities to practice their motor skills and hand skills, through the various materials provided, using all their senses. This activates and awakens the whole body, helping them on an emotional and social level and helping them to externalize their feelings.

Sensory play not only benefits children but also adults/parents. We all want to relax and play like a little kid. Even parent-child relationships change through messy play. Our senses need nourishment and the materials we use address them.

 Benefits through Boom Boom Art

  •       Social and emotional development
  •       Building self-confidence and independence
  •       Problem solving skills
  •       Cooperation skills are practiced and quality time between parent and child is enhanced through play.
  •       Developing self-respect and respect for others
  •       Motor and cognitive development
  •       Encouraging imagination
  •       Expression and venting of emotions
  •       Organization

Aimed at ages: 3-5


Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art materials and the creative process as its primary mode of expression and communication. It can be accessible to individuals with a range of disabilities and diagnoses. Art and the creative process are mediums through which individuals can work on self-exploration and understanding, to resolve any psychological conflicts, address any emotional issues that might be distressing and confusing. Individuals can also develop interpersonal skills to increase self-awareness and achieve insight. Art Therapy is ideal for people who find it difficult to express themselves with words. Through the different art materials they are exposed to a wide range of imagery, colours and shapes that are part of the creative therapeutic process where thoughts and feelings are being explored and expressed in a safe and contained environment. 

School Psychologist

The modern role of the school psychologist is multidimensional and concerns various areas of providing psychological-counseling services. The school psychologist supports students in a systematic and scientifically documented way, collaborates with teachers, parents and the entire school community with the aim of improving the learning process, promoting the emotional and social development of students and creating a safe, healthy and supportive climate, which strengthens ties between school, family and community.

Special Education Teacher 

A special education teacher teaches children with physical or intellectual disabilities, young people or adults, or those who have learning difficulties or other special needs. They promote the social, emotional, cognitive, learning, and physical development of their students. The role of a special educator is important and highly supportive in improving a child’s learning level. Some of the goals set within special education include improving the following skills: reading, writing, comprehension, or text memorization, mathematics, concentration, verbal and nonverbal communication, self-care and social skills. The aim is to evaluate and address General and Special Learning Difficulties (Specific Reading Disorder, Spelling, Learning Abilities, Mixed School Skill Disorder), learning organization and reinforcement of programs for primary school students who have ADHD and autism, assessment and reinforcement of kindergarten readiness and learning reinforcement for adults with intellectual disability.


1-2 times a month:

  •       Resilient Lives Center
  •       Public Parks
  •       Schools and Kindergartens

Specialists involved in the Boom Boom Art:

Sophia Peletie – School/Educational Psychologist (BSc, MA)

Myrto Savvidou – MA Art Psychotherapy

Christina Aristidou – Special Education

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