FUNctional Teens

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Objectives of the FUNctional Teens group

  • Development of social skills
  • Socialisation/social interaction
  • Life skills
  • Strengthening motivation/motivation for further involvement in projects
  • Expression and management of emotions
  • Understanding of emotions and emotional awareness
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Enhancement of self-confidence and self-esteem/self-image


  • Meeting with children, parents, and experts
  • Discussing diversity and recognising and accepting their difficulties
  • Social interaction
  • Bullying, learning to say no, and building critical thinking
  • Social skills and activities
  • Learning about their feelings and how to manage them
  • Education about sexuality
  • Meeting with parents 
  • Learning to trust the right people
  • Dangers of the internet/ Communicating online
  • Learning about death and how to deal with it


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