MS Elina Angastinioti has graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science from University of Reading, UK. She continued her studies with a Master’s degree in Dietetics at Eastern Michigan University, USA. During her studies she worked at various centers such as schools, Women Infants and Children, hospitals and other collaborative centers. She was also part of multidisciplinary team and was responsible for the nutrition evaluation of children. Elina also worked as a sports dietitian at Eastern Michigan University and afterwards she was the clinical dietitian at one of the biggest hospitals in Michigan. Her interests are weight management, diabetes management, eating disorders, and behavioral eating. She was trained for diabetes management at University of Michigan which is considered to be one of the best in the field. She was also recently trained by Monash University, in Australia for IBS management. She is also interested in research with a main focus on the Mediterranean diet. She precented her research at the Academy of Dietetics in the United States in October 2016 in Boston, and October 2017 in Chicago. One of her articles was recently published at World Nutrition Journal.

Ms Elina Angastinioti is currently working part-time at Resilient Lives Centre for Social and Emotional Health.