Miss Christina Aristidou is a Special Education teacher at the Resilient Lives centre where she teaches children and adolescents with physical and/or mental disabilities, learning difficulties or other special needs. Special education promotes the social, emotional, mental, learning and physical development of the students.

She has a BSc in Special Education from the University of Thessaly in Greece. As part of her undergraduate thesis she researched teachers’ opinion regarding COVID-19 and distance education in primary education, in Greece and Cyprus.

Currently, Miss Aristidou is also completing her MSc in ‘Learning Communication Technologies and STEAM Education’ at the European University Cyprus.

Miss Aristidou worked as a Special Education teacher at the the Nicosia Municipality Multipurpose Centre for Speech and Intelligence, as a Substitute special education teacher at the Morphou Complex adult day care centre, and as a pre-school teacher assistant at the Maria Adamou centre in Nicosia. Miss Aristidou has attended courses and workshops on writing and reading in the Braille Code, on ICT applications in education and on special education and ICT teaching, and 120 teaching hours of Greek sign language.