Mr. Silouanos Charalambous is a counselling psychologist at the Resilient Lives centre. He holds a BSc in psychology from the University of Portsmouth, UK and a postgraduate degree in Counselling psychology from Neapolis University, Cyprus. He has completed his dissertation on emotional intelligence and how it relates to addictive behaviours and self-compassion, and his Master thesis on empathy, assertiveness and their relationship to anxiety, depression and caregiving outcome for family caregivers.

As a therapist at the Counseling Center of Neapolis University, Mr. Silouanos provided online group therapy, intervention for weight management, and for family caregivers. Mr. Silouanos has worked as a guardian with unaccompanied minors-asylum seekers, and as a school partner at elementary and high schools helping students with behavioral problems. Additionally, Mr. Silouanos completed an internship at Agia Skepi as a therapist, worked as a primary school assistant and supporter of children with special needs, served as a student advisor and recruitment representative at Neapolis University, and taught at the Erasmus+ Program for school teachers of Europe on the topic of “From the multicultural to the intercultural classroom.”

 Silouanos has completed his military service at the Cyprus National Guard as an officer, was a team leader at Saitas camping, and a footballer in 2nd and 3rd division and national player of U-19 Cyprus football team. Mr. Silouanos was also a theology teacher for kids from 7 to 12 years old.