Miss Sophia Peletie (BSc., MA) is a registered School Psychologist. She has completed her studies in Psychology at the University of Cyprus and has specialized in School/Educational Psychology in a three-year postgraduate program, accredited by the International Union of School Psychologists (ISPA).

She is currently training in the ‘Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy’ program at the Family Institute, Cyprus. During her studies, she presented data from her Bachelor’s thesis, which involved primary school children facing reading difficulties, at international conferences in Cyprus and abroad. Her Master’s thesis focused on cognitive development in typically and non-typically developing children, where she researched how attention breakdown in class affected children’s memory.

She has recently been working intensively through the Cogmed program which is specifically designed to train attention and working memory.

She completed an internship under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth in Famagusta, where she worked with preschool and secondary school children, providing psychological and psychometric evaluations, counseling children/adolescents, parents and teachers, preventive and interventional programs, experiential workshops and educational lectures.

She worked as a research assistant at the University of Cyprus’ Neuroscience center, where she examined how cognitive and neurophysiological functions of bilingual individuals differ from those of monolingual speakers. She has also worked with children on the autistic spectrum, people with vision loss, and is a member of the ELMIP program of the Cyprus State Prisons for armoring juvenile prisoners and developing communicative, emotional and interpersonal skills.