Miss Stephany Naziri is a licensed school psychologist and one of the co-founders of “Resilient Lives”, a center for the social and emotional health of children, adolescents and their families, based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, awarded by the University of Cyprus (UCY) and has also completed a three-year postgraduate program in applied School Psychology at UCY, accredited by the International School Psychology Association (ISPA). Her practical training took place at the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture in their Educational Psychology Service. During her training, she had the opportunity to get experience in psychometric assessments, individual/group interventions in children, adolescents and young adults, as well as, the opportunity to act as an instructor, along with her supervisor, in the School Bullying Program “DAPHNE” at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. After her specialization, Miss Naziri, completed an additional two-year Master’s Degree in Special (Inclusive) Education at the European University Cyprus. Her training still continues to this day through a variety of educational courses, such as educating parents in “Positive Parents – Happy Children” and through a number of seminars in Systematic Psychotherapy for children and adolescents.

Throughout the duration of her studies she collaborated with the research laboratory “Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology Lab”, which is part of the UCY’s Centre of Applied Neuroscience. In her postgraduate dissertation she investigated the effects of Virtual Reality Exposure as an Intervention for Public Speaking Anxiety and presented her results in Scientific Conferences both in Cyprus and abroad. Furthermore, she got involved in other research programs as an assistant researcher (e.g. the individual and interindividual factors of school aggression, cognitive & emotional profile of children with behavior problems, the role of cognitive deficits and callous unemotional traits in the development of antisocial behavior, etc.).

As a private, registered psychologist, Miss Naziri deals with individual cases, as well as the creation and implementation of group programs that handle mental resilience. The group programs she carries out include children, adolescents, university students, parents and teachers. She co-created the original psycho-educational program PIC-NIC for feelings (4-12), along with her colleague Miss Hadjimina, that has been very successful for a number of team groups so far.

She is especially interested in the secure attachment in child-parent relationships as well as the emotional resilience. Based on this interest, she developed a new project called “Tender Hug”, that involves psycho-educational parent groups, with the cooperation of different specialists.

Finally, Miss Naziri is a member of the teaching staff in Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School where she teaches the course “Introduction to Psychology in Teams”.