1. GIVE CHOICES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Offer them choices (e.g. what t-shirt to wear). Give age-appropriate responsibilities, like chores around the house (e.g. setting the table, folding clothes, feeding the cat, making the bed and many more).

2. PRAISE SINCERELY: Be specific and sincere with your praise. Instead of “You’re the best artist in the world” say something like “You’re getting so good at colouring in the lines” or “This is a beautiful flower”.

3. USE FAILURE AS AN OPPORTUNITY: Let your children challenge themselves, make mistakes and occasionally fail. Then make it clear that you still love them just the same. Encourage them to try again.

4. AVOID HARSH CRITICISM AND SARCASM: Avoid giving criticism in front of others and while angry. Criticise thoughtfully and gently. Explain to them that even though you sometimes dislike their actions, you never dislike them.

5. CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESS: Teach your children to successfully do things for themselves from a young age. Focus on their strengths. Notice what they like and do well, and give them opportunities to nurture these abilities.

Source: BigLifeJournal.com